Cheryl Howell, Partner

Cheryl Howell has worked in broadcast TV, radio, advertising and marketing for 30 years. She loves the creative process and building successful solutions for businesses.

Cheryl enjoys time with her family, DIY projects, cooking and laughing with friends.   

Among her resume entries, Cheryl has sold and managed teams inside broadcasting companies.  She knows the best methods to negotiate with media companies, producing solid partnerships among satisfied clients and vendors.  

Jeff Fontana has over 40 years’ experience in Advertising and Marketing, He prefers a ‘Hands on approach when working with business to provide them with the step-by-step process on how everything is going to flow.

Jeff has sold and managed some of the best people and radio stations in Chattanooga along with great support from team members. Over those years Jeff studied his competition and is very well versed in all media.

Jeff has been well respected in the Advertising community as a no-nonsense type of leader. He has taken his experience to the client level to provide the best return for client investment while helping them achieve their goals.

Jeff enjoys time with his wife Jane, along with his children and friends. He also enjoys sports and good cold craft beer.

Summer began her marketing career with both Jeff and Cheryl over 20 years ago in radio. Since then, she’s traveled around the globe working with multiple well-known brands in content marketing, social media management, retail merchandising and e-commerce support. 

She is passionate about providing creative content with spectacular attention to detail. From creating full social media campaigns to ghost-writing articles, Summer thrives the most when standing behind the spotlight, shining it on her clients and taking pride in seeing their businesses grow.

As a military spouse, Summer loves traveling wherever the Air Force takes her and her family.  She also enjoys volunteering for military organizations to support those who serve and their families as well.

Plus, the relationships of 309 Media

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We’re not practicing and our performance is based on years of proving concepts.  Yet, creative advertising and digital campaigns demand our minds remain wide open to compete.  And we will compete, for you and alongside you.  

We’re excited you’re here.  If you give us the opportunity to meet, you’ll truly find one family devoted to making yours stronger.  The relationships of 309 Media provide a great deal of history and friendships which produce excellent outcomes.  

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