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Welcome to 309 Media. We can’t wait to create.

309 Media is a full service creative, digital and advertising agency headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Our purpose is simple:  We build value by securing your image, awareness and competitive position.  

We must work within your budget to deliver results, consistently, and keep your whole enterprise moving forward.

We understand the media companies where we place your dollars. We’ve worked in, managed or partnered with every form of media.  We study your business and your market to develop effective campaigns across all forms of local and digital media.

309 Media was built as the result of full careers in radio, television and multimedia.

We bring years of results, the combination of constant learning and discovery how to do our jobs better.

And we just love doing this.

We appreciate seeing our results in flourishing clients.  We are prepared to be key support in every economy, answering challenges with clever creative and efficient spend.

We thank you for being here right now.  

Contact 309 Media

309 Media is ready to serve as your agency, today.

When you bring 309 Media into your business, we work to get every drop of value out of your spend, your company image and your competitive position.   We want you, your staff and your overall business life to be consistently successful.  

And we believe you’ll like working with us.  We’ll learn your business, your workflow and your preferences.  And hopefully we can spend time together building a friendship as well as a profitable working relationship.  

You will know quickly you are genuinely appreciated, respected and important as a client of 309 Media.